Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Fashion india wedding

Where to even begin talking about this amazing event? The two things every filmmaker wants were present in full force: beautiful bright eye candy and a loving, expressive bride and groom. Being that it was a Hindu wedding, there was plenty of sparkle and color with all the lovely jewelry, bright saris, lush flowers, and rich draping, plus all the ceremonial items such as flowers and leaves, rice, fire, vermilion powder, coconuts, and more. Not only was everything beautiful to look at, but it smelled good, and the music was interesting, and there were smiles and laughter in abundance. Truly a feast for all senses!
This is what I experience most days when I surf the web/open my email/ go shopping/attend a wedding. There is just too much going on everywhere! At least too much for me to handle. It doesn’t help that I am really bad at filtering out the excess stuff. When there is too much stimuli , you will probably find me sitting in a corner- eyes shut,ears covered ,gently rocking myself back in to some state of normalcy. Don’t believe me? Come shopping with me. You will know then.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Fashion men and women’s

Women often keep up with fashion a lot more than men - looking at the latest trends and what will flatter their figure. Women will buy fashion magazines to browse through the latest season of clothing, and fashionistas keeping an eye on the runways so they can be the first to wear the latest styles. However, many men don't take the same approach and simply wear what they are comfortable in - buying any style of clothing and sticking with it. Why are there differences between men and women's attitudes to fashion; and does the male gender really care whether women wear the latest styles?
The emphasis on women's beauty has increased a lot over the past century or so - and women keeping up with fashion have changed with it. In a media-ridden, photo-manipulating world wear women are expected to look their best (and men's expectations seemingly moving with this too) - getting the new style of dress that hugs the waist or drapes over the shoulders is the way of beauty for women. The fashion industry is also a lot more focused on women - many magazines offer fashion tips and guides, or tips on where to buy the latest maxi dress; whereas men's magazines do not put as much emphasis on this type of article.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Fashion|Fashion hair style 2008

You should never let yourself be a slave to fashion or hairstyle trends. If you are comfortable with your personal style, don't change it just because everyone else.